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Multicolor Anti-Slip Nylon Socks

Anti-slip sock Baby Play Park 100% Nylon

The most used socks in playgrounds and playrooms.

Made with high resistance polyester yarn.

One size fits all children up to 10 years.

Boxes of 250 assorted pairs in 5 colors.

Free exhibitor box with each order.

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[250 pair boxes]
Unity price Total Discount
1 €100.00 €100.00 -
2 €80.00 €160.00 20%
4 €75.00 €300.00 25%
8 €65.00 €520.00 35%

The first multicolor sock with antislip sole, suitable for use in playhouses and playgrounds. It guarantees the hygiene and safety of children attending playgrounds or recreational areas. Each pair of socks is packed individually to ensure maximum hygiene. 250 pair boxes in 5 assorted colors.

Material 100% Nylon
Model Children
Main Feature For Playgrounds
Units 250 pair boxes
Size One Size 1-10 years old
Packaging 1 pair polybag