• tryon socks

    Disposable Socks for Shoe Fitting

  • playground socks

    Disposable Socks with Non-Slip Sole

  • bowling socks

    Hygienic Socks for Bowling and Skating

  • 10,00 €

    Ideal for shoe fitting. Available in three colors: nude, black and white. 100 pcs per box.

    as low as 6,00 € 100 pcs per box
  • 14,00 €

    Premium quality disposable hygienic socks . Available in two colors: Nude and Black.  100 pcs per box.

    as low as 8,40 € 100 pcs box
  • 75,00 €

    Disposable socks ideal for work areas, skating and bowling. One Size packaged in 1 pair pack to ensure maximum hygiene.

    as low as 60,00 € 250 pair boxes
  • 112,50 €

    One size for children up to 10 years of age. 250 pair boxes in 5 assorted colors.

    as low as 75,00 € 250 pairs carton
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  • Since 1990 

    We have been producing and distributing our disposable socks for many years and for various uses. Our products are present in the best shoe stores, playground parks, bowling and skating rinks, and many more activities.